Japanese 1 (Open Access)

Centre for Modern Languages, School of Languages, Cultures, Art History and Music

College of Arts and Law


Code 15712

Level of study First Year

Credit value 10

Semester Across both

Module description

This module provides an introduction to the Japanese language for students with no previous knowledge. The course aims to develop basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, which will lay the foundation for further study. You will also learn some cultural aspect of Japan. By the end of this course, you are expected to be able to conduct a simple conversation in Japanese (such as self-introduction, where you live, etc.) as well as read and write Hiragana (one of Japanese scripts).

Aspects of modern Japan will be introduced.

Teaching and learning methods

Practical language classes involving both whole-group and small-group/pair-work activities with emphasis on oral communication, use of visual aids, audio/video recordings and use of language laboratory where appropriate.