Advanced Italian Language IB

Languages & Cultures, School of Languages, Cultures, Art History and Music

College of Arts and Law


Code 08696

Level of study First Year

Credit value 10

Semester 2

Pre-requisite modules 09 08695 Advanced Italian Language I A or equivalent knowledge

Module description

The aim of the course is to enable students, who have advanced proficiency in Italian, to enhance their reading and oral skills and develop their ability to write fluently in Italian.
The course will be conducted through class work and home assignments, with regular written work. It will develop students' skills in translation and summary work, both into and from Italian and also work on oral proficiency, encouraging effective acquisition of vocabulary and structures.
Classes will be conducted in Italian as far as possible, though some explanations may, when necessary, be given in English. Students will be expected and encouraged to use Italian as their means of communication in class.

Teaching and learning methods

10 weeks x 4 hours language classes in each semester.
In addition, students should expect to spend another five hours a week in private study; the language laboratories and computer clusters will be available for use during private study time. A dedicated part of the Departmental WebCT section contains information and additional practice material for this course.

An aural test, counting 25% towards the module mark
An oral examination, counting 25% towards the module mark
A two-hour written examination, counting 50% towards the module mark.