Beginners' Italian A

Languages & Cultures, School of Languages, Cultures, Art History and Music

College of Arts and Law


Code 08699

Level of study First Year

Credit value 20

Semester 1

Module description

This module provides instruction in written, oral and aural structures in the language, basing itself on the course book, while also using other stimulus materials provided by the course tutor. There is work in the language laboratories as well as in classes specifically designed to develop oral competence, and students will also make use of CALL and satellite facilities. Students will cover the first 15 units of the grammar book.

Teaching and learning methods

10 weeks x 5 hours language classes in each semester.
In addition, students should expect to spend another seven hours a week in private study; the language laboratories and computer clusters will be available for use during private study time. A dedicated part of the Departmental WebCT section contains information and additional practice material for this course.

A 50-minute written test, counting 100% towards the module mark