Regionalism and Modernity in Latin America

Languages & Cultures, School of Languages, Cultures, Art History and Music

College of Arts and Law


Code 21737

Level of study Second Year

Credit value 10

Semester 1 and 2

Module description

This course will explore the representation in Latin American narrative during the early decades of the twentieth century of burgeoning processes of social modernisation in different regions of the subcontinent. Specific emphasis will be placed on the study of texts and contexts of Argentina, Venezuela and Peru. The course will first consider the concept of modernity in general and in the specific context of Latin America before turning to the 'new' narrative projects inspired by the urban process of modernisation in the 1930s and, in particular, the representation of the rapidly-urbanised city of Buenos Aires. Finally, the attempts by writers to represent indigenous communities in the `modern¿ world will be considered in the context of Peru.