Philosophical Texts

Department of Philosophy, School of Philosophy, Theology and Religion

College of Arts and Law


Code 21821

Level of study Second Year

Credit value 20

Semester 1

Pre-requisite modules 60 Credits in philosophy

Other pre-requisites None

Module description

This module consists of reading a recent important philosophical work in small groups. Each year, students are offered a couple of interesting options. Books used on the course recently include Saul Kripke’s Naming and Necessity, Harry Frankfurt’s The Importance of What We Care about, David Chalmers’ The Conscious Mind, and Jeff McMahan’s Killing in War. Students on the module meet weekly to discuss a chapter of a book in small groups with the assistance of a seminar tutor. The seminars help the students to get clear on the difficult passages and they offer a friendly atmosphere for the students to critically engage with the arguments and views of the used books.

Teaching and learning methods

Weekly readings and seminars