Key Message Delivery and the Media

Department of Management, Business School

College of Social Sciences


Code 23281

Level of study First Year

Credit value 20

Semester 1 and 2

Module description

This module enables students to experience and understand the scope of media communications from essential basic presentation skills to live TV and newspaper interviews. These are key skills that students will be able to use in their other modules and work placements, and as such forms an important foundation unit to the BSc Business Communications and BSc International Business Communications. The students will develop their media skills through six 7-hour (full-day) lecture-workshops. Students are introduced to the importance of communication and media skills in the modern business environment. Students practice basic communications techniques through a prepared presentation, through which they learn voice control, public speaking and appropriate body language techniques that enable them to make a visual impact on and better engage with an audience. The semantics and rhetoric of business communications are examined and practiced through analysing presentation structures, style and language. The ability to present key findings on business issues is developed through interview and journalism skills, including background research and literature reviews, hence establishing the "key message". Students further develop presentation and communication skills through understanding the news agenda (including the socio-political undercurrents that influence media discourse). Students will also develop a basic awareness of content analysis; conversation analysis; textual analysis (in the broadest sense); visual analysis (still image) & visual analysis (moving image) and critical discourse analysis. Case studies are examined to evaluate how business secure media headlines and get ahead of the news agenda. Students practice writing news releases and structuring press release by content as well as market. Media presentation skills are further developed through radio and television interviewing (pre-recorded and live-to-air).

Teaching and learning methods

Semester 1 (10 credits)  (Media engagement and Press release writing)
Semester 2 (10 credits)  (Media engagement, intro to crisis communications and studio workshops)