Marketing Communications

Department of Marketing, Business School

College of Social Sciences


Code 19098

Level of study Third/Final year

Credit value 10

Semester 1

Module description

The module builds on students’ understanding of marketing and develops a critical appreciation of the role of marketing communications (as both a concept and process) in the success of marketing strategies.  There is a particular emphasis on theory, which underlines marketing communications to provide students with the essential background to understand consumers, the communications planning process, and the communications mix. Indicative content includes an introduction to marketing communications, integrating marketing communications, advertising, sponsorship, public relations, sales promotion and direct marketing.

Teaching and learning methods

Teaching includes lectures, with interactive discussion where appropriate. Lectures are supported by class workshops and exercises to enhance the scope of learning, quality of discussion, support work undertaken for the group project, and encourage deeper learning, which will be tested in the exam. The slides to accompany the lectures are available on WebCT. The module is based on the principle of student-centred learning. It requires students to contribute to the content of the module (via exercises), complete the prescribed reading, prepare for and participate in class (e.g. ask questions, provide criticism and/or personal views).