Change Management

Business School

College of Social Sciences


Code 22868

Level of study Third/Final year

Credit value 10

Semester 2

Pre-requisite modules n/a

Other pre-requisites Basic level of understanding of organisational behaviour

Module description

The aim of this module is to inform students of the nature, degree, processes and management of organisational change. Highlighting numerous models and approaches to organisational change, the course examines, through case analysis, interpersonal, group and organisational issues associated with change management in a number of organisational arenas. The course builds upon basic management concepts and seeks:
To introduce students to traditional and non-traditional approaches towards change management
To enable students to gain understanding, knowledge and skills to help them analyse the way that people behave and interact in organisations during times of change
To enable students to analyse change from a variety of different levels - the individual, groups, organisations and societal in an attempt to increase understanding of the complex processes at work
To help students develop skills to help them diagnose situations, asses the appropriateness of particular change techniques, problem solve, work as an effective team member and communicate effectively
To enhance understanding of the practical application of change management models

Teaching and learning methods

Lectures and case analysis sessions