Project Management

Business School

College of Social Sciences


Code 24110

Level of study Second Year

Credit value 10

Semester 2

Pre-requisite modules None

Other pre-requisites None

Module description

The main aim of this module is to introduce participants to the principles and practice of Project Management. The module combines the techniques of project planning with the practice of project management. It covers: Projects and project management defined; Organizational and leadership issues; Project objectives, definition and design; Milestone Planning and Critical Path Analysis; resources scheduling and project control; Risk management for projects; International project management; Project closure; Project evaluation and audit; Project methodologies. These topics are taught in lectures, supported by in-class exercises and video discussions, and backed up by case study analysis. Students are expected to have completed background reading, work on exercises, and prepare for case studies out of class time.

Teaching and learning methods

Lectures, cases, video discussion and seminar exercises