Leadership Skills for Management and Learning in Diverse Settings

Institute of Applied Social Studies, School of Social Policy

College of Social Sciences


Code 21457

Level of study Masters Level

Credit value 20

Semester 0

Module description

This module offers a critical analysis, on the basis of relevant theory and research, of the varied functions and skills clusters reflected in leadership in a social care setting.

These include influencing, championing, and modelling. They also include the management of information and learning for practice, reflecting organisational priorities and quality assurance. Arising from the concept of the Learning Organisation (Schon and Argyris 1998), the module seeks to critically apply the principles therein to the application of skills clusters in a variety of settings. It also seeks to equip candidates to critically evaluate their own delivery of skills in the context of practice education to underpin quality assurance and excellence in practice.

The skills evaluatively analysed and explored include ¿ the assessment of practice and its development within the organization, in the context of both academic and occupational standards; the capacity to act as a positive role model for best practice and development; the ability to present to and teach individuals and groups within Further and Higher Education settings; the ability to share and mutually evaluate information in the setting of Community groups including service user groups.

This Module, together with previous experience in - and learning for - assessment of practice learning, equips candidates to assess PQ candidates¿ work based practice, linked to their taught programme.