Community Justice: Engaging with Communities, Groups + Individuals

Institute of Applied Social Studies, School of Social Policy

College of Social Sciences


Code 21856

Level of study Masters Level

Credit value 20

Semester 0

Module description

This module concentrates on the knowledge and skills required for engaging communities, neighbourhoods and individuals more purposefully to build their capacities to tackle problems. All too frequently initiatives fail because insufficient regard has been paid to processes of engagement and the particular needs of the community in focus. The module will examine the skills involved in capacity building, developing and supporting citizenship, trust building and power-sharing at a community and neighbourhood group level. It will explore the issue of engaging with young people as individuals and as part of groups or gangs in ways which empower rather than stigmatise them. It will also address the challenge of engaging with, what are sometimes referred to as, `hard to reach¿ individuals and groups where there may be significant differences in values, beliefs and expectations.