Community Justice, Diversity + Difference

Institute of Applied Social Studies, School of Social Policy

College of Social Sciences


Code 21858

Level of study Masters Level

Credit value 20

Semester 0

Module description

The issue at the core of this module is the challenge of developing and delivering policies to tackle crime and ASB in a society that is becoming increasingly diverse and where marked differences of values, beliefs and expectations are apparent. The module will focus on the significance for community justice practitioners of differences of age, gender, ethnicity and faith; of issues relating to specific social groups such as refugees and asylum seekers; and of national policy initiatives concerned with citizenship, social integration and `community cohesion¿. More recently crime and disorder reduction partnerships have begun to include counter-terrorism and the prevention of extremism within their remit. This module includes recent research which explores how faith communities might be engaged for the purposes of counter-terrorism and de-radicalisation.