Social Issues and Social Policy

Institute of Applied Social Studies, School of Social Policy

College of Social Sciences


Code 22084

Level of study First Year

Credit value 20

Semester Autumn or Spring

Module description

This module forms part of a complementary core year one programme in Social Policy. In the introductory part of the module attention will firstly be given to the social construction of social issues. Why have some issues been defined as being social rather than individual issues? How have perceptions of social issues changed over time? Consideration will also be given to the notion of social policy. What are the distinguishing features of social policy? What are the underlying purposes of social policy? How have these altered over time? The relationship between social issues and social policy will be addressed through six case studies including poverty, worklessness and lone parent families. In each case study attention will be given to the history of the issue, contemporary dimensions of the issue and a review of policy responses over time
The module will provide students with insights into the social construction of social issues, the history of social policy, the policy making process and the politics of social policy.