From Beveridge to Brown: The Political History of the Welfare State from the 1940s to the Present Day

Institute of Applied Social Studies, School of Social Policy

College of Social Sciences


Code 22085

Level of study Second Year

Credit value 20

Semester Autumn or Spring

Module description

This module will explore developments in the British Welfare State from the 1940's to the Present Day. This module aims to provide the social policy students and those in allied subjects with a critical and analytical overview of the major developments in British social policy since the Second World War.It will review of the social policy programme of the wartime coalition government, examine the record of the Attlee governments from 1945 to 1951 and consider the rise of modern Conservative approaches to the welfare state (1951 - 1964). The revisionist Labour governements of Wilson (1964-70) will be appraised as will the neo-liberal tirn of the Heath administration (1970-74). Following consideration of Old Labour's last stand (1974-79), the module will conclude with a review of the Thatcher years (1979-90), major's era of consolidation (1990-97) and the impact of New Labour (1997-present day).