Values, Assessment and Communication in AMHP Practice - Refresher

Institute of Applied Social Studies, School of Social Policy

College of Social Sciences


Code 23764

Level of study Masters Level

Credit value 20

Semester 0

Module description

The module enables candidates working towards reaccreditation as an Approved Mental Health Professional to submit work for assessment, demonstrating that they have met the requirements of the GSCC's Higher Specialist award (which has only been established since their initial qualification) concerning their skills and understanding in assessment and in the implementation of Anti-Discriminatory Practice within Approved Mental Health Professional practice.

  • Consideration of specific issues arising in AMHP assessment work with women, children, older people, people with learning disabilities and members of black communities.
  • Making a reality of Anti-Discriminatory Practice in the context of compulsion.
  • Application of a strengths model of assessment within an AMHP context.

The practicalities of conducting assessments - using the Mental Health Act Manual and available consultation, checking and lodging the medical recommendations, completing the application itself

Cultural and functional difference and the assessment of mental health needs.