Applied Leadership Learning

Health Services Management Centre, School of Social Policy

College of Social Sciences


Code 19202

Level of study Third/Final year

Credit value 20

Semester Full Term

Module description

This module is explicitly developmental in its approach, with a focus on students using the experience of action learning within a group setting to enable critical and in-depth personal reflection and learning. The action learning set meetings held for groups of 6-8 students will be facilitated by an academic tutor who has specialist expertise in the areas of personal development, action learning and leadership. Action learning sets will entail participants working as a group to define, analyse and reach solutions to management and leadership issues being faced at an individual or oganisational level. Each student will identify key improvements in their workplace which they wish to bring about during the course of the programme. The action learning set meetings will be a forum for discussing how to achieve these improvements in the context of the theory and concepts covered in the Leadership in Context module, and for applying leadership models and tools in workplace situations. Students will be expected to do preparatory work for each action learning meeting, based on academic reading, diagnostic tools and support materials made available to them as part of the programme. This module will also require them to prepare and maintain a personal development plan (non-assessed), and to keep a formal structured written learning log (non-assessed), documenting their critical reflective analysis of their individual action learning and personal development.