Organisational Development and Human Resource Management

Institute of Local Government Studies, School of Government and Society

College of Social Sciences


Code 18861

Level of study Second Year

Credit value 10

Semester 2

Module description

Marketing and Human Resource Management are central elements in the implementation of public management reform. The move toward a consumer oriented public service, frequently operating within market style settings, provides one rationale for the rising importance of marketing. Similarly the demands for greater flexibility and multi-skilling within every changing government organisations require public sector managers to be skilled in developing and managing human resources. This module is aimed at providing students with a grounding in the theory and practice of these disciplines within the context of public policy and management. The key objective of the module is to explore the issues involved in developing marketing and HR capability within public institutions. This aim is pursued by considering the application and modification of generic theories of Marketing and Human Resource Management to issues of public policy design and implementation and institutional management.