Department of Political Science and International Studies, School of Government and Society

College of Social Sciences


Code 25004

Level of study Second Year

Credit value 20

Semester 1+2

Module description

This module seeks to provide students with a broad understanding of the effects of European integration on the member states of the European Union. Throughout the module, students will be able to explore the nature of Europeanization, how it impacts upon the government and governance of the EU as well as its member states. In term I we will discuss and analyse the theoretical concept and then apply it to the polities (central government) and politics (parliament, parties, election campaigns, media and citizens) of different member states (most notably: Germany, Britain, France). In term II we will apply Europeanization to a number of policy areas and thereby assess the EU’s impact on the member states’ foreign- security and defence-, counter-terrorism-, migration and other policies.

Teaching and learning methods

The module is mainly text-based. Teaching sessions will engage issues relating to both the interpretation of texts and their critical examination. In order to offer the students a variety of different sources we will use textbooks, academic journal articles, political speeches, party manifestos, think tank publications, and statistical data (e.g. Eurobarometer surveys). We will use PowerPoint slides to support our lectures which we will make available on WebCT.