Chemical Engineering Design and Professional Skills B

Department of Chemical Engineering, School of Chemical Engineering

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences


Code 17114

Level of study First Year

Credit value 10

Semester 2

Module description

This module represents the discipline-specific part of the Design and Professional Skills module for level 1 Engineering students. It introduces Chemical Engineering students to the application of design processes in process and product engineering, by reference both to representative industrial examples and to contemporary design approaches. Students will learn where and how to seek and use information on safety and loss prevention, including key legislation (fires, explosions and other accidents; pollution and its prevention; COSHH, toxic and biological hazards; selection of materials for containment). The students will undertake and present, as teams, a Hazard Study stage 1 for a chemical/biological/mineral process. Finally they will learn how to develop analyses of integrated processing systems with material and energy balance calculations leading to an introduction to flowsheeting using representative software packages.

The module is based on lectures (and back-up materials) on safety and loss prevention; environmental legislation; toxic and biological hazards, their identification and classification; the selection of materials and methods for containment of potentially hazardous physical, chemical and biological processes; process analysis - stoichiometry and definitions; integrated systems involving eg by-pass, recycle, purge; energy balances; introduction to flowsheeting. It is supported by a series of industrial visits eg food, fine chemicals, beverages, process equipment.

Teaching and learning methods

The module is based on lectures and case studies