Electrical Power and Renewable Energy

School of Metallurgy & Materials, School of Metallurgy and Materials

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences


Code 21166

Level of study Second Year

Credit value 20

Semester 1 and 2

Module description

Students will study in detail the way that electricity is transported across country and how a national grid is operated. Issues of connection of local generation capability to a grid. Three phase supply and provision of dual voltage supply systems. Simple transformer theory will be extended to consider street corner supply techniques. Battery storage in combination with solar panels for remote applications will be studied.Further study will introduce the quantitative principles and technology associated with renewable energy sources primarily driven by the sun, the moon and the earth's geology. Solar, wind, wave, hydro-electric, geothermal and tidal energy will be introduced, together with the concept of a hydrogen energy economy. The impacts of current energy and resource practices will be discussed, and the concepts of Life Cycle Analysis and eco-design will be introduced.