Advanced Conventional Energy

School of Metallurgy & Materials, School of Metallurgy and Materials

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences


Code 21171

Level of study Third/Final year

Credit value 10

Semester 2

Module description

The aim of this module is to introduce and discuss the issues involved with energy derived from Nuclear Power, Coal and Gas. There is arguably no other form of energy that polarises opinion as much as in the nuclear debate. It is seen by some as an environmental threat, and others as a solution for global warming and sustainable development. The general public see coal as an old-fashioned smelly polluting source. Gas is a finite resource that is becoming increasingly expensive and subject to political controls. Nevertheless all three sources must have a part to play in the future global energy mix since renewable energy can not supply all of the demand. Advances in technology, such as carbon capture, now allow all three to be delivered in a more efficient and safe manner.Students will work individually to prepared reasoned arguments in the form of written reports and presentations, using a variety of information sources such that they are able to discuss with confidence the issues surrounding the use of nuclear energy, coal and gas for electricity generation.