Introduction to CFD and FEA (Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis)

School of Mechanical Engineering

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences


Code 22961

Level of study Third/Final year

Credit value 10

Semester 2

Module description

The aim of the module is to introduce you to the basic theories of finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics techniques.

General theories of FEM:
a) 1D and 2D FE theories
b) Differences between Lagrangian and Eulerian specifications of motion
c) Mesh generation and convergence
d) Data Analysis & Post Processing
e) Validation & Verification

Finite element analysis:
a) Formulation of stiffness matrix and system equations for 1D pin-jointed bar element
b) Assembly of global stiffness matrix
c) Formulation of stiffness matrix and system equations for 2D plane stress/strain elements
d) Commercial software (ABAQUS)

Computational Fluid Dynamics:
a) Basic concepts
b) Governing equations of fluid dynamics - Navier-Stokes Equations
c) Compressible and incompressible flows - Applications
d) Turbulence and its modelling
e) Applications of CFD
f) Commercial software