Meet your lecturers: Dr Jeremy Pritchard

Dr Jeremy Pritchard  "My research and teaching are tightly linked. The knowledge that you get and the new things that you find out go straight into the lectures. It’s very exciting to be lecturing to students and knowing that next time you lecture, the experiment that’s going on upstairs might change that lecture."

Jeremy is a senior lecturer in Biology. His research at Birmingham focuses on plants and aphids and he has previously researched plant interactions with their environment in the USA, New Zealand and Europe. Jeremy is also actively involved in diverse teaching, covering topics from field biology and ecology through Plant biology to Evolution.

As a card-carrying Darwinist Jeremy is involved in communicating Science and Evolution to Schools and the Public, and has developed resources to help educators and learners at all levels. He lists phloem as his favourite cell and Darwin as his favourite scientist and badgers students and the public about them at every opportunity.