Meet your lecturers: Dr Luis Cabrera

Dr Luis Cabrera  "The thing I appreciate about being at Birmingham is that it’s at the centre of so many things. We get high level politicians, Ambassadors from all around the world, as well as cutting edge research in just about any discipline you can name. In terms of intellectual vibrancy, it’s a really wonderful place to be."

Luis’s research explores issues of human rights, severe poverty and democratic citizenship in the modern world. His most recent book, The Practice of Global Citizenship (Cambridge University Press, 2010), investigates the universal human duties that correspond to individual rights, including possible duties to help transform or create rights-protecting global institutions.

He has conducted extensive field work to support his ethical claims, including amongst unauthorized immigrants and activists in the United States, Mexico and Western Europe, and most recently amongst activists in India demanding global human rights recognition for dalit persons (former untouchables).