Student Residences

Chamberlain home

At the northern end of the Vale Village, the skyline is changing rapidly as we are building a brand new hall of residence comprising a new tower and three low rise blocks to form the new Chamberlain Hall.

The landscape was dramatically changed when the 50-year-old Eden Tower was removed at the start of 2014. Previously known as High Hall, the tower, and its associated blocks of Hampton and Chelwood wings were demolished after studies revealed it would be uneconomic to refurbish them and would not provide the quality of accommodation which the University of Birmingham desires for students.

The new hall, which will welcome its first students in September 2015, will provide a home for 725 students on the Vale in either en suite study bedrooms in clusters of five or six sharing a kitchen/lounge or self- contained studios. The new 21-storey tower’s ground floor will be home to social spaces including catering and social facilities, and other amenities including a launderette. The bedrooms will all be cabled for internet access and they will have wifi as standard, plus energy efficient heating and hot water.

Students who live in the tower accommodation will benefit from views across the Vale, a grade 2 historic park and garden, whilst those on the very upper floors will enjoy vistas across the city. The three low rise blocks have been designed to sit at an angle to maximise views into the Vale both from the accommodation itself but also for passers-by and residents along Church Road which sits at the top of the Vale.