Bank of Assessed Work

ArtsThe Bank of Assessed Workis a resource for current students including example assessments with feedback for students to work with to help them understand the marking criteria and how we grade. This resource is to help students improve their approach to assessments and their writing.

An educational resource located in Canvas.

  • Contains over 300 exam and essay answers with feedback representing over 110 modules from all five College of Arts and Law Schools
  • New modules being added all the time
  • Marking criteria available on every main page
  • Linked written materials to support learning to go live in October 2014
  • The next phase is to integrate non-written forms of assessment (eg. presentations) and student self-reflection on their work and feedback on to the Bank via audio and audio-visual files.

Look out for joint CAL Academic Writing Advisory Service and CAL Bank of Assessed Work support sessions during the autumn and spring terms.

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Tamsin Cross, College of Arts and Law Student Experience Manager
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