Undergraduate research scholarship scheme

The undergraduate scholarship scheme was designed to increase the opportunities for non-final year undergraduate students to engage with the College’s research agenda whilst at the same time extending the College’s high quality undergraduate student experience provision.

Scholars are funded to undertake full-time research supported by a member of academic staff for a period of five weeks during the summer vacation. 

Why apply for a scholarship?

In addition to the monetary rewards the following benefits have been reported by previous scholars:

  •  Gain valuable experience in undertaking significant academic research
  •  Contribute to the development of new knowledge
  •  Work in partnership with academic staff
  •  Become more aware of and be more integrated with the College’s research culture
  •  Gain insight into undergraduate postgraduate study
  •  Helped to refine research, organisational and interpersonal skills
  •  Develop skills that will enhance future employment prospects and broadened CVs

If you are awarded a scholarship you will:

  • Be committed to undertaking the research as set out in the original proposal within the timescale agreed at the outset
  • Attend weekly monitoring meetings with the academic lead for the project
  • Receive an allowance of £235 per week (in 2015)
  • Be offered mentoring support by a previous undergraduate scholar
  • Complete a final report form
  • Be willing to become involved in publicising the scholarships in future years and mentor future scholars

If you would like further details about the Undergraduate Research Scholarship scheme, please contact Rachel Canty, Operations Manager for Student Experience, at r.canty@bham.ac.uk.

2014 Undergraduate research scholarship scheme

Birmingham Law School

  • How should a policy on assisted dying by formulated?
  • How are Lawyers Who Do Wrong Disciplined?
  • Legal Regulation of Female Genital Cutting and Intersex Surgery 2004-14

English, Drama & ACS

  • European Theatre Directors - Dossier Collection and Translation
  • Assessing the perception of readers’ needs and interest in transcultural reading among Library staff across the West Midlands
  • Noel Coward: the craft and business of a working writer
  • People, Pests and Pets: the Discursive Representation of Animals
  • Scribes of the Simeon Manuscript
  • Specimens and ‘Extracts’: Editing Charles Lamb’s Editions of Early Modern Plays
  • The language of moral debate on the radio
  • Historic voices: investigating forms and functions of reported speech in Early Modern English letters
  • Language for Rio 2016: towards a terminological database of Olympic sports

History & Cultures

  • Wolvey multi-period cultural landscape project: post-excavation, archive and publication phase
  • The Bomb at the British Museum: Fake News and Cultural Politics in the Interwar British World
  • Mapping pre-industrial Iceland

Languages, Cultures, Art History and Music

  • The Significance of the Centenary
  • Anne de Graville at the French Court: her Library, her Religion and her Works

Philosophy, Theology & Religion

  • A critical exploration of the multiple narratives of Kitty Hart-Moxon and her contribution to British Holocaust memory

2013 Undergraduate research scholarship scheme

Birmingham Law School

  • Imogen Jones
    Responses to ’50 Shades of Grey’ and the law regarding consent to sexual acts
  • Rosa Freedman
    Special Procedures of the United Nations
  • Martin Trybus
    A critical overview of the public procurement review and remedies system in the United Kingdom
  • Dominic de Cogan (Leverhulme Early Career Fellow)
    Tax professionals and the law: a healthy partnership?

Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology (CAHA)

  • Mike Robinson
    Touring the Heritage of the Great War
  • Alasdair Livingstone
    A Critical Study of the Use of Mesopotamian Source Material in Contemporary Anthropological Literature and Comparative Religious Studies

English, Drama & ACS

  • Susan Hunston and Neil Millar
    Devising and testing a coding system for status nouns in a corpus of academic research articles
  • Claire Preston
    Sir Thomas Browne’s personal library: 1711 sales catalogue
  • Deborah Longworth
    Editing the Collected Letters of Dorothy Richardson
  • Liz Tomlin
    British Theatre Companies: From Fringe to Mainstream
  • Caroline Tagg
    Perceptions of audience as a constraint on Facebook: what people don’t post about and why
  • Gabriela Saldanha
    Perceptions of Translations Project
  • Steve Hewitt
    Sex Spying: The RCMP, Women’s Liberation, and the Gendering of Surveillance

History & Cultures

  • Sabine Lee
    Naming practices and their impact on the integration of children of child soldiers into post-conflict tribal society in Northern Uganda
  • Naomi Standen
    Archaeological and historical perspectives on farmers and pastoralists in Inner Mongolia
  • Keith Shear
    Class and Race in South Africa: The 1950 Population Registration Act and the Disappearance of the 'Poor White Problem'
  • Insa Nolte and Rebecca Jones
    Marriages and funerals in Lagos newspapers, 1918-38

Philosophy, Theology & Religion

  • Andrew Davies
    Primary Texts on the British Charismatic Movement

2012 Undergraduate research scholarship scheme

Following the scheme’s success last year, the number of scholarship has increased to eighteen. The following projects are being funded in 2012:

  • Oliver Mason -  A Local Grammar of Definition Statements
  • Hugh Adlington - Establishing the Texts of John Donne’s Jacobean Court Sermons 1619-25
  • Erin Sullivan - Shakespeare’s Global Communities: A Research Review of the 2012 World Shakespeare Festival
  • Michael Toolan – Reader Responses to Highly Emotive Narrative Text
  • Clare Barker – Literature, Aid, and Medical Activism
  • Alison Sealey – Interviews for English language research: refining transcriptions and preparing data for corpus analysis
  • Sabine Lee – Children Born of War
  • Benjamin Thomas White – Governing Refugees in British Mandate Iraq: A Scoping Study
  • Nick Crowson – The Politics of Homelessness in Britain c1830-2010
  • John Carman – Archaeology in “the real world”: a global examination of heritage management practices
  • Roger White – The Bernard Bumpus Collection
  • Marie Fox – Legal Regulation of Primate Experimentation
  • Jean McHale – Mental Health Law and the EU: Developing Law and Regulation
  • Pat Odber – Translation: the greatest crime of all?
  • Elizabeth L’Estrange – Manuscript Illumination and Sixteenth Century Franco-Flemish Art
  • Frank Lough – Politics, Poetry and Exile in the Works of Maria Zambrano
  • Tom Sorrell – From Empirics to Empiricists
  • David Hunter – Arguing Against the Future

2011 Undergraduate research scholarship scheme

The College funded twelve scholarships during the summer vacation 2010-11. Profiles of three scholars from 2011: