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Chemical Engineering

  • Andrew Goddard Technical Manager Organics, Viridor Waste Management Ltd (PhD Biotechnology 1990, MSc Biotechnology 1983) 
  • Stephen Watson Principal, Arthur D. Little (BEng Chemical Engineering 1991) 
  • Peter Fergusson Senior Carbon Consultant, Bssec Ltd (PhD Biotechnology 1973) 
  • James Vincent Cementing Technical Specialist (MEng Chemical Engineering 2008) 
  • David Dimeloe Chairman, Mackwell Electronics Ltd (PhD Chemical Engineering 1971) 
  • Geoffrey Hamer Hon. Secretary, Biofocus Foundation (PhD Biochemical Engineering 1962, BSc Chemical Engineering 1959)
  • Tim Highfield Offshore Technology Manager, CB&I (MEng Chemical Engineering with Environmental Management 2000)
  • Elizabeth Riddington Electronic Flight Bag Deployment Manager, The Boeing Company (BEng (Hons) Chemical Engineering 1992)
  • Kalbinder Singh Sandhu Biosciences Sales Specialist, Fisher Scientific UK (PhD Chemical Engineering 2007)


  • Alan Barber Former Caregory Issues Manager, Unilever (PhD Chemistry 1976, BSc Chemistry 1972) 
  • Stuart James Cantrill Chief Editor, Nature Chemistry at Nature Publishing Group (MSc Chemistry and Bioorganic Chemistry 1996, MPhil Chemistry 1997) 
  • Matthew Barton Partner, Forresters (BSc Chemistry with Analytical Science 1998, PhD Chemistry 2001)
  • John Guy Education Consultant and Senior Advisor, Cambridge International Examinations (BSc Chemistry 1971, PhD Chemistry 1974) 
  • Barry Hill Director, Micro Research Ltd (PhD Chemistry 1983) 
  • Samantha Brown Marketing Manager, Innospec (BSc Chemistry 1997, PhD Synthetic Organic Chemistry 2001)

Civil Engineering

  • George Chapman Retired (BSc Civil Engineering 1961, PhD Civil Engineering 1964, Diploma of Management Studies 1970)  
  • James Murray Project Manager, AECOM (MSc Construction Management 2013)
  • Kehinde Oduyemi Director of Academic Programmes, Universit of Abertay, Dundee (PhD Civil Engineering 1987)
  • Low Sui Pheng Director of the Centre for Project Management & Construction Law, National University of Singapore (MSc(Eng) Construction Management (1987)
  • Clare Breckin Senior Engineer, Devon County Council (MSc Road Management and Engineering 2013)
  • Giannis Kallika Graduate Geotechnical Engineer, URS (MEng Civil and Energy Engineering 2013) 

Computer Science

Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering

  • James Chu Managing Director - Investments,  Incapital Europe Ltd (PhD Electronic Engineering 1993, BEng Electronic & Communication Engineering 1989)
  • Sean McMitchell Research Fellow, University of Warwick (PhD Electronic Engineering 2008)


  • Nancy Shaw (nee Douglas) (BSc Mathematics & Sports Science 2003)

Mechanical Engineering

  • Akaehomen Ibhadode Professor of Manufacturing Engineering, University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria (PhD Mechanical Engineering 1987) 
  • Philippa King-Smith Business Development Manager, Ardmac Performance Contracting Ltd (BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering 2001)
  • Alex Hall Lead Engineer, Jaguar Land Rover (MEng Mechanical and Automotive Engineering 2010)  
  • Jonathan Marshall Head of Vehicle Science for the Sahara Force India Formula One Team (MEng & Man Lang DIS (Hons) Mechanical Engineering, Manufacture and Management with French, with Diploma in Industrial Studies 2001)
  • Mahyuddin Ayob  Project Engineer, United Engineers Malaysia Group Ltd. (MSc Operations Management 2013)

Metallurgy and Materials

  • David Haniff Director, Pervasive Technology Lab (CIC) (PhD Augmented Reality, MSc Cognitive Science) 
  • Tim Johnson Technical Director, Tetronics Ltd (PhD Metallurgy and Materials 1990, BSc Metallurgy and Materials 1987) 
  • Mark Hixon Managing Director, Consulting Associates Worldwide Ltd (PSc Physics 1983, PhD Metallurgy & Materials Science 1987)
  • Derek Rhys Atkins Professor, Risk Management & Insurance, Cass Business School; Director, Enabl Ed Ltd; PArtner, Reputability LLP (PhD Industrial Metallurgy 1971, BSc Industrial Metallurgy 1967)  
  • Adam Plank Quality Manager Designate, George Dyke Forgemasters (MEng Materials Engineering 2013)

Physics and Astronomy

  • Diana Wardley Partner, Forresters (PhD Physics 1986, BSc Physics 1983) 
  • Mark Thurston Patent Attorney, Barker Brettell LLP (PhD Astrophysics 2000)
  • Michael Coleman Retired (PhD Theoretical Neutron Physics 1971, MSc Reactor Physics 1969, BSc Physics 1968) 
  • Neil Young Senior Research Scientist, Department of Materials, University of Oxford (PhD Physics 2007, MSc Physics 2004) 
  • Mark Nixon Managing Director, Consulting Associates Worldwide Ltd (PhD Metallurgy & Materials Science 1987, BSc Physics 1983)
  • Noor M. Butt Preston Professor of Nano Science & Technology & Chairman, Preston Institute of Nano Science & Technology, Pakistan (DSc Physics 1993, PhD Physics 1969)
  • Catherine Goode Games Designer, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (BSc Physics & Space Research 2008)
  • Andy Johns Teacher and Head of Year, Dollar Academy (BSc Physics 1992)
  • Hannah Vaughan Trainee Pilot, British Airways Future Pilot Programme (MSc Physics & Technology of Nuclear Reactors 2013, BSc Physics & Astrophysics 2012)



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