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EPS class notes

Ray Broadbridge

BSc. Electronic Engineering, 1975. "I started with crystal sets and valves; managed to lure unsuspecting girls with promises of Real Stereo Music from homemade amplifiers..."

Pat Davis

After my time at Birmingham studying Mathematics I went to Aston University where I studied for an MSc in Industrial Mathematics. I then started work as a Trials Engineer in a Defence Company…

Fred Kay

Good to hear from you and pleased that the department continues to produce excellent engineers to serve the community. I was released by my company Lucas, to study for one year, five and a half days per week ,to obtain the MSc. in gas dynamics under Professor Bannister...

Anna Blake

MEng Civil Engineering, 2010. "After hearing about the mining jobs in the Australian outback, I got a 476 visa and a one way flight to Australia. Before too long I ended up in Tasmania, working for the renewable energy company Hydro Tasmania. In the last 18 months..."

Tony Bailey

BSc Metallurgy and Materials, 1982 and PhD Metallurgy and Materials 1985. "After graduating in 1985 with a PhD from the School of Metallurgy and Materials, I began a career researching in to III-V materials for semi-conductor lasers and detectors for..."
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