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Voting from your smartphone: The electronic future of democracy

In the EU Referendum, you will have voted by visiting your local polling station, noting your decision on a piece of card and then submitting it by posting it into a sealed box. But what if the whole process could be completed by using a smartphone?

Beauty and Strangeness in Particle Physics

The focus of Cristina's current research – which she outlined in her recent Inaugural Lecture, 'Beauty and Strangeness in Particle Physics' – is the study of the behaviour of particles containing the beauty and strange quarks in the LHCb and NA62 experiments at CERN.

Merging binary black holes formed through chemically homogeneous evolution

Like paparazzi, we try to capture the most intimate moments of the stellar world's rock stars as they burn brightly and die young – using gravitational waves to observe the black holes they leave behind and discover how they were formed.

EPS Reunion 2016 Highlights

On 18 June 2016 the College of Engineering & Physical Sciences welcomed back over 100 alumni and guests to the third annual EPS Reunion.

Engineering and Physical Sciences in the media - June 2016

A second discovery for the Gravitational Wave group, robot Betty goes to work and more...
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