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Physics and Astronomy PhD student wins Hartle Award

A PhD student from the School of Physics and Astronomy has recently won the Hartle Award for the best student talk in her session at the 21st International conference on General Relativity and Gravitation in New York (GR21). The conference was organised under the sponsorships of the International Society on General Relativity and Gravitation.

Welcome to the new UBRobotics newsletter

Welcome to UBRobotics' second newsletter, this time it's a Christmas special. December marks the end of term so there has been a lot of activity trying to finalise the robot designs ready to start manufacture early next term.

Evaluation of undrained failure envelopes of caisson foundations under combined loading

The cost of foundation installation can be up to 40% of the total installation cost of offshore wind turbines. Suction caisson foundations can significantly reduce this figure.

Enzymatically regulated demineralisation of pathological bone using sodium hexametaphosphate

The pathological formation of bone in soft tissue can result in significant disability, prevent prosthetic limbs from fitting, and limit joint movement.

Efficient adaptive stochastic Galerkin methods for parametric operator equations

In this paper, we design and implement an efficient algorithm for solving elliptic PDE problems with correlated random data.
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EPS Societies' Awards 2017

Returning for their fourth year, the EPS Societies' Awards are the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences' annual celebration of our 24 student groups.
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