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Making a green impact

Did you know that leaving a computer on overnight for a year creates roughly 120m3 of CO2, enough to fill a double-decker bus? Find out how small adjustments can lead to big changes in how much energy and money are saved!

Placements: what next?

Once you've had work experience what do you do with this? You may not be aware of all if any of the doors of opportunity that work experience affords you. Hopefully this final article in the placements series will enlighten you.

A journey through happiness: what is your happiest moment?

This month sees the launch of the Reaching Out for Further Education project: A Journey Through Happiness. This is a new collaborative training pathway for postgraduate students and early career researchers provided by the University of Birmingham and Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate: the ups and downs of broadening study

Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate: the ups and downs of broadening study
I write this sitting on a plane from Tokyo. We have just departed Narita airport and I am about to travel backwards in time. Read on to find out more from my first trip to Japan.

Intercontinental collaboration

Discover how collaboration between EPS and institutions in Brazil has led to investigating the surface properties of stainless steel and the development of new quantum sensors for inertial sensing and underground mapping.
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EPS events

EPS Reunion 2014

As a graduate of one of the nine schools in the College of Engineering & Physical Sciences (EPS), you are invited back to campus on 14 June 2014 for a Summer Reunion to get together with your fellow alumni to celebrate your experiences, accomplishments and friendships at the University of Birmingham. The day will be an opportunity to meet up with your classmates to explore campus and see what has changed and, indeed what has stayed the same, since your time at Birmingham.
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