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Enzymatically regulated demineralisation of pathological bone using sodium hexametaphosphate

The pathological formation of bone in soft tissue can result in significant disability, prevent prosthetic limbs from fitting, and limit joint movement.

Efficient adaptive stochastic Galerkin methods for parametric operator equations

In this paper, we design and implement an efficient algorithm for solving elliptic PDE problems with correlated random data.

Photonic Weyl degeneracies in magnetized plasma

Unlike Dirac fermions such as electrons, Weyl particles are elusive relativistic fermionic particles with vanishing mass.

The Original Formula Student Project (1967)

Thanks to UBRacing, Birmingham has a strong history of building racing cars and even founding the Formula Student competition. Little did we know it actually began 30 years earlier!

Engineers International Tour 2016

In November, the School of Engineering RFC travelled to the University of Granada, Spain for our first international fixture. Club Chairman James O'Neill tells us more.
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Can we turn nano-science into a manufacturing industry?

14/02/2017 - 14/03/2017
The fundamentals of nano-science lie in the precise manipulation of atoms and molecules - architecture on the atomic scale.

EPS Distinguished Lecture: Osman Kent

EPS Distinguished Lecture: Success Gives You the Credibility to Talk About Your Failures. Computer Science and Electronics alumnus and serial technology entrepreneur Osman Kent talks about his improbable journey from Turkey to Birmingham to Silicon Valley, and sheds light on where he believes the future lies in building technology companies.

Mini Big Bangs in ALICE and the CERN LHC

David Evans, Professor in High Energy Physics, will explain the physics behind the LHC and, in particular, the ALICE Experiment. His talk will include some audience participation and demonstrations with liquid nitrogen and is aimed at all age groups.

EPS Societies' Awards 2017

Returning for their fourth year, the EPS Societies' Awards are the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences' annual celebration of our 24 student groups.
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