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College offers 'headstart' to young STEM students

This summer, the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences continued to open its doors to young students from schools locally and nationally to give a taster of what might be to come. Promoting the study of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) disciplines, colleagues from across the 9 Schools hosted a range of innovative and engaging activities and challenges, including constructing scale bridges and external industry visits.

Nuclear Engineering Students visit Xiamen for Clean Energy Summer School

Four Nuclear Engineering students visited Xiamen, China, in June to participate in the Clean Energy Science and Technology Summer School.

The virtual reality hype train is starting to make me queasy

Professor Bob Stone writes for The Conversation:

Recent research grants in Engineering and Physical Sciences

A selection of recent research awards in Engineering and Physical Sciences totalling in excess of 750,000. From quantum technologies to railways and more...

Hydrogen Locomotion

Hydrogen, as an energy carrier, has received a great deal of attention because it can be produced from many different feedstocks, like electricity, and therefore can provide a clean source of power with minimal local emissions, especially if a fuel cell is used. Recently the Traction Systems Group has investigated the suitability of hydrogen to operate trains. The studies included the energy supply chain and the associated carbon emissions to allow a comparison the incumbent technologies in the railway market.
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EPS events

CETL MSOR Conference 2014

08 - 09/09/2014

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (EPS) – informal drinks reception

20 - 21/09/2014
The College invites all new EPS students and parents to an informal drinks reception over Arrivals Weekend.

Trusting Atoms: The Last Trials of Ludwig Boltzmann

24 - 27/09/2014
Trusting Atoms: The Last Trials of Ludwig Boltzmann brings to life the passion, drama and suffering of one long-forgotten scientist of the 19th Century. Join Ludwig Boltzmann in his battle to save the dying theory of atoms, his equation and so his career in a hostile scientific environment.
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