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Using novel materials to power fuel cell technology towards mainstream use

We are using novel materials to power fuel cell technology towards mainstream use.

EPS Reunion 2016 Highlights

On 18 June 2016 the College of Engineering & Physical Sciences welcomed back over 100 alumni and guests to the third annual EPS Reunion.

Engineering and Physical Sciences in the media - June 2016

A second discovery for the Gravitational Wave group, robot Betty goes to work and more...

Combining machine learning with astrophysics

Our artificial intelligence experts and astronomers have joined forces to combine machine learning with astrophysics to detect galaxy clusters billions of light years away.

The Art of Processing Ceramics - Professor Jon Binner

Professor Jon Binner has worked in academia all his professional life, but he doesn't consider himself a typical academic. That's because the eminent materials engineer gets more of a buzz from seeing his research turned into real-life applications than he does from doing pure science.
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EPS events

EPS Summer Lecture Series: Professor Joe Wood's Inaugural Lecture

Catalysts for Change: From Hydrogenation to Secure Fuel Supplies
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