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Professor Philip Edwin Barker (1929-2017)

The University honours the memory of alumnus and former lecturer in Chemical Engineering, Professor Philip Barker

PPS 2017

This Spring Term has been one of the strongest in the history of PPS, with some of the most original and memorable events we've ever hosted. Newly elected President Joe Martin tells us more.

Hello from the new Mozilla Campus Club!

The Mozilla Campus Club is the first of it's kind in the UK! Founder member Edna Gama Vaz Da Conceicao tells us more.

A Year in UBRobotics

This academic year has been an exciting time in UBRobotics as we have expanded significantly in terms of our membership, our activities, and our capabilities. Club President Dan Hingston tells us more.

Engineering Eagles Hockey: Review 2016/17

Engineering Eagles have won the 2017 University of Birmingham Intra Mural Sports league! Co-Captain Jonathan Chowdhury tells us more
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EPS events

A journey through the underworld: David Chapman's Inaugural Lecture

Professor David Chapman's inaugural lecture will focus on an exciting journey into the urban underworld and reveal our hidden infrastructure contained within, including pipes and metro tunnels, and its importance to 21st century living. It will demonstrate the incredible ingenuity involved over the centuries with creating our often-undervalued subsurface world. It will also cover aspects of the amazing technologies used to create, condition monitor and renew subsurface infrastructure, and the incredible challenges faced in this uncompromising and unforgiving environment. The vital interconnectivity between our surface and subsurface infrastructure and the importance of the ground in this relationship will be demonstrated.

Quantum vortex matter: insights from computer algebra - Nicola Wilkin's Inaugural Lecture

Professor Nicola Wilkin's inaugural lecture will focus on key physical systems, one is from a superconductor (a solid material) where the cortices therein are generated by an applied magnetic field and the other vortices in ultra-cold gases where the vortices are a response to rotation that is induced by lasers. Professor will also cover the key findings that were established using computer algebra, discussing how this intermediate tool between pencil and paper and full scale simulation can be exploited.

Simon Singh - From Theorems to Serums, From Cryptology to Cosmology ... and The Simpsons

Simon Singh, one of the world's most popular science and maths writers, takes us on a whistle-stop tour through the bestselling books that he has written over the last two decades. Join us for this EPS Christmas Lecture and enjoy some festive cheer.

EPS Distinguished Lecture: Professor David Phillips

Professor David Phillips, Past-President of the Royal Society of Chemistry, shares his personal journey from raw Birmingham undergraduate in 1958 through a successful academic career, to the present state of supposed retirement. He will give a flavour of his research in ultrafast reactions and photodynamic therapy of cancer and possibly even a few demonstrations while recounting tales of his student days, successes and set-backs.

EPS Societies' Awards 2018

Returning for their fifth year, the EPS Societies' Awards are the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences' annual celebration of our 25 student groups.
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