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Engineering and Physical Sciences in the media - September 2015

From keyless theft of luxury cars to zero-emission automobiles and more...

The Energy Dice – exploring efficient transformation, transport, storage and application of thermal energy

The world faces a 'global energy trilemma' – affordability, low carbon and security – and the race is on to find innovative solutions to radically transform how energy is supplied and used, and to make future systems more efficient and reliable. In fact, the best single solution to all these problems may already have been invented – by Professor Yulong Ding, University of Birmingham's founding Chamberlain Chair of Energy Storage, and one of the world's most influential researchers.

Creating a whirlwind of new knowledge about extreme wind events and their effects on built structures

New paper by Dr Mike Jesson, Research Fellow in the School of Civil Enginerring, entitled 'Aerodynamic forces on the roofs of low-, mid- and high-rise buildings subject to transient winds' published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics examines the effect of wild winds on buildings by simulating thunderstorm downbursts in a lab, measuring their effects on building models of different heights.

GCHQ recognises Birmingham computer scientists as part of new national drive for improved cyber security training

GCHQ recognises Birmingham computer scientists as part of new national drive for improved cyber security training.

Engineering and Physical Sciences in the media - August 2015

From smart phones to smarter cold and more...
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EPS events

EPS Autumn Lecture Series: Professor Mark Simmons Inaugural Lecture

From Flow to Formulation

EPS Christmas Lecture – Professor Mark Miodownik

Everything is made of something and that stuff is changing all the time. In this lecture Professor Mark Miodownik, materials scientist and engineer, broadcaster and author, reveals the changes to the material world that are coming our way, from bionic people with synthetic organs to living buildings and objects that heal themselves. Join us at this EPS Christmas Lecture and prepare to marvel at mankind's material creativity.

EPS Distinguished Lecture: Professor Dave Charlton

Professor Dave Charlton, Spokesperson of the ATLAS Collaboration at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, delivers the next EPS Distinguished Lecture

EPS Societies' Awards 2016

The College of Engineering and Physical Sciences hosts 16 student societies covering all disciplines and all Schools. Each does fantastic work to promote careers opportunities, industrial visits, guest speakers and of course social events. These Awards act as a reminder of the hard work and dedication undertaken by students to make the University a better, more vibrant place to study and play.
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