The Magic of Radio

                       Inaugural Lecture, Professor Costas Constantinou

Professor of Communication Electrodynamics
Chair in Communication Electrodynamics
School of Engineering

Time and place information
Location   Lecture Theatre 1, Gisbert Kapp (G8 on the campus map [pdf]), followed by a drinks reception
Date Tuesday 6 June (6:00pm)


From its discovery in the 1880s to the ubiquitous wireless communication today, radiowaves continue to have a mysterious aura and occupy a magical place in our imagination.

Professor Constantinou will chart the rise of radio from the first experiments of the 1880s to its widespread use today. You’ll be introduced to some of the key figures behind the development of radio communications and find out about the challenges which persist to this day.

 Along the way, Professor Constantinou will also talk a little about his contributions to radiowave propagation prediction and highlight the new discoveries and innovations we can expect to see in the years ahead. Despite radio being an integral part of our everyday lives, you’ll learn we’re still a long from fully understanding and using this most valuable resource.

Complementary alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks will be served at the drinks reception following the event. Alcoholic drinks will be only be served to those who are aged 18 or over.

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