Inaugural Lecture Series

The College of Engineering and Physical Sciences is running a series of Inaugural Lectures to showcase the leading scientists who are pushing the boundaries in their disciplines.

The event marks an individual’s promotion to Professor, but also provides a rare opportunity to hear first-hand about their research.

These events are open to the public, and free of charge. Please click on the below headings to learn more and register for the event.

Miss the lecture? Some of the lectures were recorded; follow the links to find out more.

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A journey through the underworld: David Chapman's Inaugural Lecture

G33 Mechanical & Civil Engineering Building
Professor David Chapman's inaugural lecture will focus on an exciting journey into the urban underworld and reveal our hidden infrastructure contained within, including pipes and metro tunnels, and its importance to 21st century living. It will demonstrate the incredible ingenuity involved over the centuries with creating our often-undervalued subsurface world. It will also cover aspects of the amazing technologies used to create, condition monitor and renew subsurface infrastructure, and the incredible challenges faced in this uncompromising and unforgiving environment. The vital interconnectivity between our surface and subsurface infrastructure and the importance of the ground in this relationship will be demonstrated.
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The Magic of Radio

Professor Costas Constantinou is an internationally leading expert on communications engineering, specifically radiowave (RW) propagation – the behaviour of radio waves as they travel, or are propagated, from one point to another or to permeate the world around us – whose groundbreaking work will help to make the IoT a reality, most likely within the next few years. He recently presented his Inaugural Lecture, 'The Magic of Radio'. This article profiles his life and research.

Making Problematic Ground Safe

Ian is an international expert in why the ground shifts and – at times – collapses, often at great financial and emotional cost, and is involved in engineering new and smart techniques to make it safe.

Catalysts for change - Professor Joe Wood

Using catalysis and reaction engineering, Professor Joe Woods is a pioneer of novel processes designed to help alleviate the world's energy crises by developing new and renewable fuels and chemicals.

Singing binaries: listening to the chirps of black holes

In his inaugural lecture Professor Ilya Mandel discussed the detection of gravitational waves and explored the potential research opportunities arising from this revolutionary discovery.

Beauty and Strangeness in Particle Physics

The focus of Cristina's current research – which she outlined in her recent Inaugural Lecture, 'Beauty and Strangeness in Particle Physics' – is the study of the behaviour of particles containing the beauty and strange quarks in the LHCb and NA62 experiments at CERN.
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