Professor James Tucker's Inaugural Lecture, 10/04/2014


Going Beyond the Molecule: The Chemistry of Connections

Professor James Tucker
Professor of Supramolecular Chemistry
School of Chemistry
College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

TIme and place information
 Location Lecture Theatre 203, Haworth building (followed by a drinks reception in room 209)
 Date(s) Thursday 10 April 2014 (5:15pm) 


The lecture will describe and focus on an area of science called supramolecular chemistry, which is often described as "chemistry beyond the molecule”. Supramolecular chemistry goes beyond traditional molecular chemistry, which largely focuses on how individual molecules are made, to focus on what a molecule can do once it is made.  In particular it concerns how molecules interact with one another and how an understanding of these so-called intermolecular interactions can lead to ordered assemblies, controllable functionality and the mimicry of biological systems.

The research undertaken in my group spans different sizes of molecule, from those containing only a few atoms to those containing hundreds of atoms. While the smaller molecules we make are relevant to the study and control of molecular motion, larger molecules act as sensors that detect variations in the genetic code of DNA. We can also adapt DNA by inserting iron atoms into its backbone, resulting in metal-containing nucleic acid forms that show novel properties.  The work in our group connects well with other scientific disciplines and throughout the lecture, the importance of core skills and concepts in chemistry in facilitating new cutting edge cross-disciplinary areas of research will be highlighted.


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