Professor Liam Grover's Inaugural Lecture, 13/02/2014


Skin, bone and everything in between: Repairing the human body 

Professor Liam Grover
  Professor of Biomaterials Science, Director of Research and Director of International Exchange for Engineering
School of Chemical Engineering
College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

TIme and place information
 Location Lecture Theatre 124, Chemical Engineering building (followed by a reception in the Atrium)
 Date(s) Thursday 13 February, 2014 (5:15pm) 


Materials have been used to repair tissues for centuries.  Up until relatively recently, the choice of material was based on mechanical properties and crudely on composition.  As our knowledge of the interactions between materials and biology improves, however, we are able to design materials that can stimulate or prevent specific biological responses.  This lecture will discuss recent advances that have been made in the formulation of both cementitious materials and soft solids and describe their usage in the context of regenerative medicine. Examples will be given of bone replacements that degrade in response to bone formation and soft solids that are being used to create dressings that will prevent scarring in a range of tissues.  It will also describe how human cells may be incorporated into the structure of biomaterials in order to enable cell therapy and the engineering of complex tissue structures.

Watch Professor Grover discuss his Inaugural Lecture and research in the video below:

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