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Voting from your smartphone: The electronic future of democracy

In the EU Referendum, you will have voted by visiting your local polling station, noting your decision on a piece of card and then submitting it by posting it into a sealed box. But what if the whole process could be completed by using a smartphone?

Birmingham's role in gravitational wave detection celebrated in Thinktank exhibit

Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum is hosting a new exhibit, celebrating the role of Birmingham scientists in detecting gravitational waves, the globally significant finding that will help us to understand and explore the mysteries of our universe.

Birmingham research signals start-up boost for laptop users

A British tech start-up has invented a world-first multi-function antenna for laptops that fits into the extremely limited space of the hinge cavity.

Gravitational waves observed from another cosmic collision of a pair of black holes

The LIGO Scientific Collaboration and the Virgo Collaboration identify a further gravitational wave event in the data from the Advanced LIGO detectors
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Engineering and Physical Sciences in the media - July 2015

From smarter diagnostics for prostate cancer to tackling food security in India and more...
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