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Protecting UK infrastructure from the unpredictability of space: Professor Paul Cannon leads the way in radio science development

Protecting UK infrastructure from the unpredictability of space: Professor Paul Cannon leads the way in radio science development
Paul Cannon OBE, Professor of Radio Science in the School of Electronic Electrical and Systems Engineering, has been appointed President of the International Union of Radio Science (URSI) and also a member of the Defence Scientific Advisory Council.

University to play key role in training of HS2 engineers

The University of Birmingham is to play a key role in the training of engineers working on the HS2 rail link, following the announcement that the National College for High Speed Rail will be jointly located in the city.

Civil Engineers defy the elements to protect crop trade and save Britain millions

Lodging, the term used to describe the flattening effect of high wind speeds and heavy rainfall on trees or crops, has a significant economic impact on the UK crop industry. Research in the School of Civil Engineering seeks to make recommendations for improvements in the agricultural industry to reduce the sometimes devastating effects. "A generalised model of crop lodging" was awarded College Best Publication Award.

Future of electro engineering student group shaped at Birmingham

Representatives of more than 15 student branches of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) have gathered at the University of Birmingham to plan the future of the prestigious association in the UK and Ireland. The student arm of the IEEE is the largest student body in the field of electro and information technologies, with nearly 2,000 branches in 80 countries.

Proton radiotherapy: hype, fiction and a few facts

Proton beam therapy (or our preferred title of proton radiotherapy), is a form of radiotherapy delivered with beams of high energy protons rather than the more usual beams of high energy x-rays (or less frequently beams of electrons). It is part of the general field of particle radiotherapy that includes use of particles that are heavier than protons. Beams of carbon ions are the main topic for clinical research around the world, although there is also interest in other particles such as helium ions.
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December 2013

Professor Felix Schmid was interviewed by the Independent for an article on HS2. Dr Shishir Nagaraja was quoted in a Washington Post feature on one of the most hacked places in the world, and more.

November 2013

Dr Graham P Smith talks about our new telescope which is available to the public, Professor Kai Bongs briefs us on Quantum technology: iSensing the underworld and Michael Grove asks Engineering: skills or qualifications? And more...

October 2013

Professor Paul Newman commented, via Expert Alert, on the significance of the Nobel prize win by Higgs and Englert. Dr Zoe Schnepp's research findings that jelly-making protein could help make cheap fuel cells. Professor Bill Chaplin and Dr Andrea Miglio's research into a star that spins out of alignment and more...
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