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Civil Engineers defy the elements to protect crop trade and save Britain millions

Civil Engineers defy the elements to protect crop trade and save Britain millions
Lodging, the term used to describe the flattening effect of high wind speeds and heavy rainfall on trees or crops, has a significant economic impact on the UK crop industry. Research in the School of Civil Engineering seeks to make recommendations for improvements in the agricultural industry to reduce the sometimes devastating effects. "A generalised model of crop lodging" was awarded College Best Publication Award.

Hydrogen Locomotion

Hydrogen, as an energy carrier, has received a great deal of attention because it can be produced from many different feedstocks, like electricity, and therefore can provide a clean source of power with minimal local emissions, especially if a fuel cell is used. Recently the Traction Systems Group has investigated the suitability of hydrogen to operate trains. The studies included the energy supply chain and the associated carbon emissions to allow a comparison the incumbent technologies in the railway market.

Triangulating Carbon-12

Investigations performed by members of the nuclear physics group at the MC40 cyclotron in Birmingham have uncovered a resonance at high-energy, the properties of which suggest that the protons and neutrons are clustered into three alpha particles arranged at the vertices of an equilateral triangle. This is the first time such a symmetry has been observed in nuclei and also a significant step into finally revealing the long sought after structure of the Hoyle state – the nuclear gateway for the synthesis of all heavier elements in the stars.

Chemists at Birmingham celebrate £1 million award for new equipment

Staff at the School of Chemistry at the University of Birmingham celebrated the installation of new equipment yesterday (21 July 2014) as a result of a £1 million award from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council's core capability grant, and match funding from the University in excess of £500,000.

Small nuclear reactors may be the key to a low-carbon future

Take a hard look at the painful process of de-carbonising the UK's electricity supply, and it's clear that the options on the table are not great.
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