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Strong performance by College in recent national research assessment

The University of Birmingham's College of Engineering and Physical Sciences has collectively achieved a very strong performance in the Research Excellence Framework (REF) - the system for assessing the quality of research in UK higher education institutions.

Government funding will allow quantum technology industry to flourish in UK

We are on the way to creating a UK 'Quantum Valley', which, similar to Silicon Valley in the US, will provide an ecosystem of supply chain industries, skilled workforce and educated end users in which a multi-billion-pound quantum technology industry can flourish.

The changing world of perfume and why some chemicals are being taken out

There are two types of perfume in the world: the fast turnover celebrity perfumes, designed to hit the market and make profits before a star's capital wanes; and the timeless classics, with their expensive ingredients and loyal followings. While the names endure, many of the ingredients and quantities have changed over time.

Exploiting the 'spooky effects' of quantum mechanics: physicists receive £80 million in funding

A consortium led by physicists at the University of Birmingham including the Universities of Glasgow, Nottingham, Southampton, Strathclyde and Sussex have been awarded a UK Quantum Technology Hub with a total EPSRC, University and industry contribution exceeding £80 million to translate their work in quantum sensors into technology that could help industry solve many problems.

Let Robot Battle Commence

Celebrating the fourth edition of European Robotics Week (ERW), the School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham will be taking part in a number of robot challenges from Monday 24 - Friday 28 November to showcase its broad and pioneering activity in the field of robotic research and development.
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