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First year of Beale Lectures proves highly popular

As a response to students' wishes to hear more from the civil engineering and related industry, the School organised a programme of a dozen extra-curricular lectures, delivered after the end of the usual teaching day, on Tuesday evenings. Read more on what the series is all about.

Chemical Engineering honours Hazel Jennings and Waldek Bujalski

The School of Chemical Engineering has honoured the sad passing of colleagues Hazel Jennings and Waldek Bujalski.

Professor Mark Sterling's Adventures in Fluid Mechanics

Food prices may have soared in the past few years, but we are paying less for our bread and cereals than we might have done had Professor Mark Sterling not worked out how to prevent crops from falling over in high winds!

Gravitational waves and the unheard broadcast of the violent universe

There are very few people ever to have been born who can expect to 'see' what happened a fraction of a second after the Big Bang – but Birmingham's Professor Alberto Vecchio is one of them. The Italian-born astrophysicist is part of a team of international experts on the brink of revolutionising our understanding of the universe – by tuning into its 'gravity channel'. This has been broadcasting since the dawn of time through the incredibly weak form of radiation known as gravitational waves, but until now no one has been able to hear it directly.

EPS academics recognised in New Year's Honours list

Two academic staff members from the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences have been recognised by the Queen in the New Year's Honours list 2014.

New Staff in Physics & Astronomy, July–November 2013

A round-up of new Physics and Astronomy staff members July-November 2013.

New Staff in Electrical, Electronic and Systems Engineering, July–November 2013

A round-up of new Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering staff July-November 2013.

New Staff in Mathematics, July–November 2013

A round-up of new Mathematics faculty members July-November 2013.
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