BP scholarship programme

What is it?

The BP Scholarship Programme is an early engagement scheme intended to encourage and support students with a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This year, BP are welcoming applications from Computer Science, Business and Economics students too. Aimed at building capacity in skills and knowledge that is greatly needed in the energy industry, the scholarships focus on supporting the education and development of the next generation.

The scholarship programme consists of:

  • £5,000  each academic year for up to 4 years of undergraduate study 
  • A series of engagement activities with BP including:
    • Year 1
       - Invitation to the BP Ultimate Field Trip Grand Final
       - BP Scholar Welcome Day
    • Year 2
       - BP Scholar 3 day conference in September
       - Discovery Day 
       - Shadow an Intern Day
    • Year 3
       - Fast track selection for internship if appropriate year (they should be in their penultimate year) or
       - Discovery Day/Shadow an Intern Day
    • Year 4
       - Fast track selection for internship if appropriate year (for scholars in their  penultimate year of study) or
       - Internship/Discovery Day/Shadow an Intern Day
  • Campus team events to introduce scholars to the campus team members and other scholars

Selection process

  • Students during their first term on selected courses are invited to complete an online application form (Applications close Midday, 27 November 2015)
  • Situational judgement questionnaire
  • Online psychometric tests
  • Personal competency interview

Find out more from our current BP Scholars: 

Jonathon Nicholls, 1stYear BSc Mathematics

jonathon-nichollsI feel really fortunate to have been awarded a Scholarship from BP. The moment I found out I had been successful was a blur of exhilaration and happiness where I felt a satisfying conclusion to months of hard preparation and a nerve-racking wait! BP has given me great opportunities for work experience which will allow me to explore areas of interest to me within BP worldwide.  The Maths department here at the University has supported me with this fully and they also arrange regular careers events to help students with their future career planning.

I am thrilled that I chose to study at Birmingham as my time here so far has been incredible!    I have been able to get involved with so many new opportunities so there is never a dull moment. The modules have been extremely interesting and although there are challenges, there is also help and support readily available whenever needed. I am living in Pritchatt’s Park Halls in a house with eight other students.  I have absolutely loved being there and would recommend it to anyone for the sheer amount of fun I’ve had.

This year, I joined the Birmingham University’s Officer Training Corps and this has proved to be a fantastic experience. If you’re keen on outdoor activities, learning new skills, having a brilliant, challenging and exciting time whilst earning a bit of money, I highly recommend it, as it has been such a great part of my first year here.

Maxwell Cameron- Jones, 1st year MEng Chemical Engineering

maxwell-cameron-jonesWhen I found out that I had been awarded the BP Scholarship, I felt relieved and excited; this opportunity will mean I will have an amazing insight into the Oil and Gas industry with a brilliant company.

I am studying Chemical Engineering at Birmingham, and I want to pursue a career in the Global Oil and Gas industry. The reason for this comes from the growth that this industry is experiencing and will continue to have in decades to come. With global energy demand predicted to double by 2050 it means that the energy infrastructure built over the past 150 years has to be built again within the next 20 to 30 years. For an aspiring Chemical Engineer this opens up huge opportunities globally, as the industry continues to invest in large energy projects. I want to be part of the industry that will solve complex problems that they are faced with when trying to make sure our energy supply meets demand.

Recently, I attended the BP Ultimate Field Trip Final, held at the National Institute of Great Britain, a prestigious venue for UK science.

The Ultimate Field Trip is an annual competition where teams of students address a challenge and win an international 2 week Field Trip with BP.  This year the challenge was how to use waste energy from BP’s operations and the field trip is in Alaska and Chicago.

The University of Birmingham had a team from the Chemical Engineering School in the final and their idea was to use the waste heat generated from gas flares at production sites to create electricity. The team were extremely knowledgeable and answered the questions well, but unfortunately, they didn’t secure the final prize; however the skills, networks and reputation they have built will take them far in BP.

I gained a lot from attending the event, as the room was full of BP employees with a great wealth of knowledge. I personally spoke to the Chief of Staff to the Executive Board and also had the opportunity to speak to recent graduates, and learn from their experiences so far.

I’d encourage you all to enter next year’s Ultimate Field Trip competition. It doesn’t matter how far you get you will get something out of it, this may be just from working in a team or learning new technical skills. For any scholar I definitely recommend attending the finalist event, it is a great opportunity!