Student Profile - Joanna Maguire

MEng Civil Engineering, School of Civil Engineering

Jo Image"The best thing for me is the vast amount of good choice you are presented with. Whether it is in the numerous types of degree you can apply for, or the huge number of interesting modules you get to choose from later on in the degree" 

Why did you originally apply to do your chosen course at Birmingham?

I applied to Birmingham because I liked the campus style University, but I also liked how it was close to a major city with clubs, bars, theatres, museums, restaurants, shopping etc. It’s the best of both worlds!

What do you think are the best points of your course?

I think the group projects are the best thing about my course. I like creating a project, going through the deign stages, seeing something evolve from a sketch on a piece of paper to a real life project and model.

What’s the best thing about studying at the University of Birmingham?

I love the community feel, you can talk to the staff and all your course mates but you will also bump into people you know around campus. Plus something is always happening, be it guild elections campaigning or farmers markets there is never a dull moment on campus.

What’s your highlight of your time at the University?

Getting to the final of the EWB challenge during 2nd year, we designed a bio-sand filter for a rural village in Vietnam.

What advice would you give to students thinking about studying on the course?

Take all the opportunities you can, there are so many brilliant things available to students with very little effort you can have great experiences and learn new skills.

Is there anything extra students thinking about studying on the course should know?

Learn how to use a washing machine; it’s very upsetting turning all your whites pink!