Day In The Life

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What happens during the average day? What will I do? 

Every day is different and unique in the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, providing our students with an unparalleled student experience. Find out what life is actually like to study with us by viewing our 'Day in the Life' videos below.

Chemical Engineering 

James shares his day as Chemical Engineer.

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chemistryDITLJoin Ben and Megan to show you the average day of a Chemistry student.

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Civil Engineering

Christy, Aris and Jo show you around and share their day as a Civil Engineer.

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Computer Science


Let Poppie show you her day as a Computer Scientist.

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Electronic, Electrical and Computer Engineering         


Dan, Helen and Hashu show you around the School of Electronic, Electrical and Computer Engineering.

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Joy and Vanisa show you what it is like to study Maths.  

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Mechanical Engineering

Lois and Rahul show you around the School of Mechanical Engineering.

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Metallurgy and Materials

Amanda and Carmel show you what it is like to study Metallurgy and Materials.

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Physics and Astronomy

Dwayne and Sam show you around the School of Physics and Astronomy.

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