Dr Amanda Wood 

Dr Amanda Wood from the School of Psychology describes, in 60 seconds, her research into helping women with epilepsy make the best healthcare decisions when pregnant.


My name’s Amanda Wood. I’m from the School of Psychology here at the University of Birmingham and the goal of my research is to understand the reasons why some people do really well after an insult or an injury to their brain and others don’t.

And we do that in my lab in two ways. We do that through neuropsychological assessment, or tests of thinking skills and of behaviour, and we use brain imaging techniques to look at the structure and function of the brain.

My current work focuses on women with epilepsy who need to take medications for their own health care and during pregnancy they face really difficult decisions. The work that we’ve done to date focuses on the child’s outcomes and what we’ve been able to show is that, for the vast majority of children, the outcomes are fine. But there is a small group for whom the outcome is not so great. In particular they have language and intellectual problems. What we want to be able to do is identify which of those children is at risk as early as possible so that we can help women and their treating doctors make the best evidence-based decisions for the mother’s healthcare. 

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