Research in 60 seconds - video gallery

Academics from the College of Life and Environmental Sciences take the challenge of describing their research in 60 seconds.

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   Investigating why dinosaurs were so incredibly successful for such a long period of time     Discovering the genetic mechanisms driving lung cancer    Understanding and modelling how plants grow at a molecular and biophysical level
   Measuring environmental stress by studying animals at the molecular level     Developing drugs to prevent attachment of bacteria to body tissue    Using urban creativity to improve
social, environmental and economic wellbeing
   Using Big Data to model the geographical distribution of the
digital economy
 Investigating the environmental pressures affecting woodlands and forests in the UK and across the world      Understanding past climates to help inform predictions for the future
    Researching how the nervous system is formed and how it works     Determining how the brain converts sensory signals into a perception  How people use imagination to think about possibilities and solve problems
  Helping young people have positive experiences in physical education, sport and physical activity   Finding ways to reduce physical inactivity and support healthy
eating behaviours
  The effects of geoengineering, the deliberate cooling of the Earth to overcome global warming
   Studying what makes tiny nanoparticles so reactive    Using plants as pollution filters to help makes cities cleaner     Studying how stress and depression affects the immune system
 How the brain learns new skills to support recovery from brain injury    The psychology of diet     Researching the problems of antibiotic resistant bacteria
    Finding better vaccines in the fight against tuberculosis   Helping epileptic women make best healthcare decisions when pregnant     Creating a handheld disease detector
   Training the trainers: enabling sport coaches to promote wellbeing       Researching the impact of weather and climate on the built environment 60 seconds with Cecilie Thogersen NtoumaniPhysical inactivity as a threat of premature death and ill health