Dr Josh Rappoport

Dr Josh Rappoport of the School of Biosciences describes, in 60 seconds, his research into how cancer cells spread through the body and the effects of nanoparticles.


My name is Josh Rappoport and I am a molecular cell biologist in the School of Biosciences.

Primarily my research employs microscopes to image live cells and gain an understanding of dynamic processes. In addition to leading a research group I am a director of the Birmingham Advanced Light Microscopy Facility. A big part of what drives my work is the development of new imaging techniques to allow us to answer questions that previously could not be addressed.

In particular we are analysing how cells move forward to fill in a gap during wound healing, and determine if similar processes are employed when cancer cells spread throughout the body. In addition we are working together will colleagues across the university on a project which is determining if nanomaterials engineered for industrial applications can enter our cells and potentially cause toxic responses. This is critically important as the commercial application of nanotechnology is becoming extremely widespread, but very little is known about how nanoparticles interact with cells of the body, and our work is determining how nanoparticles can enter our cells.

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