Dr Paul Badenhorst

Senior Lecturer

School of Immunity and Infection

Paul Badenhorst is a Senior Lecture in the School of Immunity and Infection. 

Paul’s field of expertise is in Epigenetics and Development. Paul uses both the Drosophila model system and human cells to investigate how chromatin modifying complexes regulate gene expression to control developmental pathways. He has received major grant funding from Cancer ...

Dr Cara Bailey



Cara Bailey is a lecturer in nursing in the College of Medical and Dental Sciences. 

Cara’s research maintains a broad interest in the care of people at the end of their lives beyond cancer in palliative and end of life studies and for those who work closely with the dying, the bereaved and the critically ill. She is primarily involved in research activity ...

Dr Dalan Bailey

Birmingham Fellow

School of Immunity and Infection

Dalan Bailey is a University of Birmingham Research Fellow working on the molecular biology of RNA viruses. He has over 10 years’ experience working on the molecular determinants of virulence, with particular focus on morbilliviruses and noroviruses. Since 2005 he has published over 20 manuscripts in this area including publications in PLOS Pathogens and the Journal of Virology.

Mrs Sheila Bailey

Project Officer

Primary Care Clinical Sciences

Sheila Bailey is currently working as a Project Officer on the Theme 7 BBC CLAHRC (Birmingham and Black Country, Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care) project which is funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). The project is looking at the Optimisation of the Management of Stroke & TIA. She is primarily responsible for the administration of the ...

Dr Peter Balfe

Dr Peter Balfe

Senior Lecturer in Virology

School of Immunity and Infection

Peter Balfe is a Senior lecturer in Virology. 

He helped set up the HCV group at the Medical School where we've been since January 2005. The group includes 14 people at present (7 post-docs, 6 Ph. D. students and 1 technician) and occupies 3 adjoining labs on the 5th floor of the IBR building, 2 cat 3 labs and have shared access to all of the facilities in the MRC ...

Dr Amitava Banerjee

Dr Amitava Banerjee

NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Cardiovascular Medicine

Cardiovascular and Respiratory Sciences

Amitava Banerjee is NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Cardiovascular Medicine and Honorary Specialist Registrar in Cardiology.

Ami has over 40 scientific publications, including review articles and book chapters, in the fields of epidemiology, cardiology and global health. His epidemiology work has largely focused on the sex-specific effects of family history of myocardial ...

Professor Nicholas Barnes

Professor of Neuropharmacology

Pharmacy and Therapeutics

Professor Nicholas Barnes is Professor of Neuropharmacology within the School of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, and has been at the University of Birmingham Medical School for 21 years. His research group’s principal interest is 5-HT (5-hydroxytryptamine, serotonin).


Professor Anthony Barnett

Professor Anthony Barnett

Emeritus Chair of Medicine

Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism

Anthony (Tony) Barnett is Professor of Medicine, University of Birmingham and Honorary Consultant Physician and Clinical Director of Diabetes/Endocrinology/Weight Management at the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, Birmingham.

Tony has published over 550 peer reviewed papers in scientific journals and has written over 80 books and book chapters in the field of ...

Dr Francesca Barone

Dr Francesca Barone

Wellcome Trust Clinician Scientist, Honorary Consultant in Rheumatology

School of Immunity and Infection

Francesca Barone is a Wellcome Trust scientist working as Rheumatologist Consultant in UHB and Sandwell and West Birmingham Trusts.

Her main interest is in understanding the relationship between stromal cells and leukocyte in the development of chronic inflammatory process. 

Dr Richard Barrett

Dr Richard Barrett

Research Fellow


Richard is a Research Fellow in the Neuronal Networks group whose research focuses on the development of novel technology for neural interfaces.

Richard is researching techniques to establish high-throughput recordings of zebrafish electrocardiograms (ECG). In Birmingham alone there are over 10000 people who have cardiac arrhythmias and it has recently been shown that ...