Mrs Tracey Valler-Jones

Senior Lecturer. Lead for Child Field of Practice


Tracey Valler-Jones is a senior lecturer in Child Health within the School of Nursing. She has a keen interest in teaching clinical skills and simulation.

Mr Ravinder Vohra

Mr Ravinder Vohra

Clinical Lecturer in General Surgery

School of Cancer Sciences

Ravi is a Lecturer in General Surgery in the Academic Department of Surgery. He qualified from the University of Birmingham and undertook his residency in general and vascular surgery in Leeds and York. Following completion of his Doctoral studies in Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Leeds, he continued specialist training in general and upper GI cancer surgery in ...

Dr Martin Vreugdenhil

Dr Martin Vreugdenhil

Lecturer in Neurobiology


Dr Martin Vreugdenhil is lecturer in Neurobiology. His research focuses on the mechanisms that synchronise neuronal activity. The brain spends much energy in synchronising neuronal activity into fast (30-100 Hz: gamma) brain rhythms and the main question addressed is what is the nature and the role of gamma frequency activity? Because it is becoming increasingly clear that gamma ...