Outstanding Alumni

Many College of Medical and Dental Science graduates have gone on to be leaders in their respective fields. We are proud to mention these few from among our many distinguished and notable alumni:


Amrik Bhandal (BDS, 1983), Balbir Bhandal (BDS,1985) and Baljit Bhandal (BDS,1987) – founders and owners of Bhandal dental practices

Barry Cockcroft (BDS, 1975) Chief Dental Officer, Department of Health

Nigel Carter (BDS, 1975) Chief Executive, British Dental Health Foundation

Janet Clarke (BDS, 1981) Clinical Director, Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust

Mary Tomson (BDS, 2005) Youngest consultant in dental public health

Elizabeth Treasure (BDS, 1979; PhD 1983) Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Cardiff University



Leon Abrams (MBChB, 1945) Developed and implanted the first patient-controller variable rate pacemaker

Jane Collins (MBChB, 1978; MD 1988) Chief Executive, Marie Curie Cancer Care

Steve Field (MBChB, 1982) Former President, Royal College of General Practitioners

Charles George (MBChB, 1965) Chairman, The Stroke Association

David Haslam (MBChB, 1972)President of the British Medical Association

Rowan Hillson (MBChB, 1974) National Clinical Director for Diabetes, Department for Health

Richard Horton (MBChB, 1986; BSc, 1983; MD, 2008), Editor, The Lancet

Andrew Ready (MBChB, 1979) Performed Ghana's first organ transplantation

Michael Rutter (MBChB, 1955) First Professor of child psychiatry in the UK

Peter Weissberg (MBChB, 1976), Medical Director, British Heart Foundation


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All titles correct at time of publication.