Moving Swiftly On (with Dalbir Kang)

Centre for Professional Development – B1 on the Edgbaston Campus map
Tuesday 27th March 2012 (13:00-14:00)

Andy Wright

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Dalbir Kang presents - "Moving Swiftly On" - Mobile Learning

Fact: Students love Smartphones!

Nowadays approximately 55% of students in the UK own a Smartphone.

The rise in the popularity of Apple, Android and Microsoft phones has created huge demand from students for "on the go" access to learning resources on their mobiles. The challenge for HE institutions is to adapt to this trend by seeking new ways to provide engaging, educational materials for this new medium.

Come along to this session to find out about and discuss some of the new initiatives that we’re looking at as we work towards providing a comprehensive range of Mobile Learning resources.